PROGRESSASIA is an advocacy group committed to advancing the lives of ordinary citizens across Asia Pacific by promoting innovation, freedom of choice, analysis, debate and effective regulation.

We provide considered opinion and unbiased data on a range of topics that are often misunderstood or misrepresented. We liaise with consumers, experts and policymakers on technology — particularly when this relates to agriculture, energy, the environment, fintech, health, the sharing economy and transport. We do this to help cut through the red tape that blocks progress.

We believe that new technologies and ways of improving lives should not be stifled just because current laws were written before they were innovated. We believe in a free society, the right for citizens to choose, and the rule of law.

Advisory Services
Are you an innovator, consumer group or company trying to promote tech in Asia Pacific? If the answer is yes and you’d like advice on how to get connected and have your opinions heard then please get in touch. We are keen to collaborate and partner on relevant projects. Email: innovate@progressasia.com